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Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP credential demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that a project manager possesses project management knowledge, experience and skills to bring projects to successful completion. PMI’s certification program is designed to ensure that all certification holders have demonstrated their competence through fair and valid measures.

The PMP course is structured with the goal of providing students exactly what they need to pass the PMP exam. Coursework is focused on the key topics and knowledge areas required for success on the exam. Our study strategy will increase comprehension and retention of key elements, while also providing students with practical information that can be applied immediately to the project work environment.

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Target Audience
Project Managers looking to move ahead in their career with proven knowledge on Agile methodologies, principles, tools, and techniques should take this course.
PMO leaders, traditional Project Managers working with Agile developers, Project Managers looking for successful ways of project planning and execution, and people implementing Agile in Waterfall organizations are ideal participants for this course.
Course Information
PMP® course is ideal for classroom, virtual and online self - paced learning.


Exam Format

  • To earn your Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential, you need to meet the experience and education requirements, and pass the PMP® examination, a 200-question, multiple-choice test.
  • 4 hours duration
  • 200 multiple choice questions
  • 25 questions to be trial and not counted in scores

Course Syllabus

About PMI and PMP exam
ExamTaking Tips
Course Overview
Process Chart

2.Project Management Framework
What is a project?
Project Stakeholders
Organizational Structure
Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle

3.Project Integration Management
Overview of Project Integration
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan
Direct and Manage Project Work
Monitor and Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Close Project or Phase

4.Project Scope Management
Overview of Project Scope Management
Plan Scope Management
Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Create WBS
Validate Scope
Control Scope

5.Project Time Management
Overview of Project Time Management
Plan Schedule Management
Define Activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimating Activity Durations
Develop Schedule
Control Schedule

6.Project Cost Management
Overview of Project Cost Management
Plan Cost Management
Estimate Costs
Determine Budget
Control Costs

7.Project Quality Management
Overview of Project Quality Management
Plan Quality Management
Perform Quality Assurance
Control Quality

8.Project Human Resource Management
Overview of Project Human Resource Management
Plan HR Management
Acquire Project Team
Develop Project Team
Manage Project Team

9.Project Communication Management
Overview of Project Communication Management
Plan Communications Management
Manage Communications
Control Communications

10.Project Risk Management
Overview of Project Risk Management
Plan Risk Management
Identify Risks
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Responses
Control Risks

11.Project Procurement Management
Overview of Project Procurement Management
Plan Procurement Management
Conduct Procurements
Control Procurements
Close Procurements

12.Project Stakeholder Management
Overview of Project Stakeholder Management
Identify Stakeholders
Plan Stakeholder Management
Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Control Stakeholder Engagement

13.Professional Responsibility
Professional Responsibility

14.Review & Final Evaluation Test
Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters
Final Test Questions
End of Course Questions/Next Steps