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Payment to Certprime can be made through PayPal, wire transfer, Cheques. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.  Once you successfully make payment enroll in any of our courses, PayPal will immediately issue a receipt. Your login details to access the course will be provided sent to you by email.

Credit card payments can also be made through

If you are unable to remit payment using any of the methods given above, please email us at so that we can suggest an alternate mode of payment.

Within 6 hours of your making the payment, we will provide you the service for which the payment was made. Please email us at if there is any delay or you have not received the access details. In such instances we will take immediate action to help you access your course.

If you do not have a credit card or cannot use your credit card for making payment, please use the credit card of a colleague, friend or relative. Then, please send an email to with the payment details and your personal information (name, address, and preferred email address for correspondence). We will set up the account to reflect your personal details, so that you can take the course in your name.

Sometimes, enrollment emails sent from may go to your Bulk/Junk Email folder. So, you are requested to look up emails in that folder if you expect an enrollment email from Certprime.

Bulk/Corporate Discounts are available if more than 3 people would like to join Certprime course at the same time. For details, please email us at

Your online course access can be extended, please email us at for more information. So, if you think you may need more time for study, it is recommended you choose the longer duration course when you sign up initially.

Course Cancellation costs $50 after initial enrollment (if course is cancelled within 2 days of access provided by Also, no course cancellation request is accepted 2 days after the course access is provided by Certprime.

Course upgrade and Course change requests: Any changes to the course, including upgrading the course, should be requested within 3 days of making the initial payment. However, no money can be refunded after initial payment is made.

Certprime’s online course is a continuous study program. If you would like to break up the your course into 2 study sessions, the request can be accommodated. However, an additional processing fee of $25.00 will be charged.

Information about your enrollment may be provided to co-workers in your company who ask for a reference for our course.

Certprime will not distribute your personal information to any third party marketing database or disclose personal details to anyone EXCEPT on a case to case basis after proper verification of the person requesting the information or in case of legal requirements. Your personal information could be used for informing you of other courses being provided by Certprime.