Are professional certifications inevitable for career growth?

Posted by Certprime® on August 18, 2017 | Other Courses

When career goals become complicated and with ever changing client requirements, you as an individual always wanted to catch up with the latest trends and best practices. Professional certifications and training courses become inevitable in achieving certain career and work related goals.

For example, you may be an experienced project manager with 15+ years of experience managing different projects in your career. But, a client of yours will have a requirement such as employees working in that particular project should be a certified PMP/ PRINCE2 Practitioner/ Scrum Master e.t.c., This does not mean that you do not have the skills and expertise to manage a project. These best management courses and certifications are mostly process oriented methodologies, which will help to sharpen your skills for successful project completion in the more systematic way thus increasing the overall project efficiency.

While these certifications over the years have become the defacto standards for project, service, quality etc., most of the employers look to hire or have their employees certified in such courses so that they are more productive and efficient at work. This drives a lot of demand for such certification courses. A certification in these courses will not only help you to gain the knowledge and skills to become successful but also help your career grow faster than an average person without these certifications. People with qualified professional certifications earn much higher than others.

It takes the considerable amount of time and money to get you certified. Most of these training courses are conducted over a weeks time with each one of them having their respective certification exams at the end of the training. For any fresher looking for a job or an employee whose company do not fund for such certifications, it may slightly be an investment since these courses are averagely priced around $650 to $2000. Considering the money and time one has to spend, it is important that they should evaluate the quality of training and the outcomes or the value these training providers can deliver.

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