Path To Become an ITIL Expert

Posted by Certprime® on April 08, 2017 | Information Technology

Are you ITIL Foundation Certified? What next? The obvious and the most common answer is ITIL Expert. In this article let us take a look on the path to ITIL expert and its benefits, requirements, and significance and where you can get certified in Dubai. ITIL Intermediate and the Expert level will help you understand different aspects of Service Management. ITIL Intermediate level certifications are categorized into Lifecycle and Capability streams. There are nine intermediate level courses such as Planning Protection and Optimization, Release Control and Validation, Continual Service Improvement etc., successfully passing each of these exams will help you gain points to achieve ITIL Expert level.

After the ITIL Foundation comes to the very tough task of climbing the ITIL intermediate stairs to the Expert level. There are two modules to this path- Lifecycle modules and capability modules containing 5 and 4 papers respectively as given below followed by the paper MALC.

But the fact is only a small percent of ITIL Foundation successful candidates go further and opt for ITIL expert certifications. It is a myth that ITIL foundation is sufficient to manage IT services. But the truth is Foundation level is just a basic and introductory course and these candidates are competent enough to apply the ITIL services without further guidance. Although with no evidence but one of the reasons for the drop in candidates opting for higher certifications in ITIL might be the pattern change in the course. Previously it was pretty simple and straightforward- ITIL Foundation, Practitioner and Manager. It was pretty clear that the real competence is achieved with the Manager Level and ITIL foundation and practitioner levels are just the milestones to achieve the master level.

But with the introduction of V3 things have changed and become complicated. The number of courses has increased to gain 22 points to reach the expert level, thus increasing the cost of the certifications. Having foundation certificate only is restrictive for both the individual as well as the organization. Individuals are not able to demonstrate the depth of the knowledge they have while experts quickly find solutions to an organization’s problems using ITIL expertise.

Hence it is advisable to all the Foundation certified candidates to go further with the intermediate certifications and become an expert in ITIL. Contact an ATO today and know more about becoming an expert.


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