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Certprime’s goal of training each individual is to empower his/her capabilities to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Our corporate training programme not only focusses on helping employees learn the best management practices but also to implement them whilst working as a team. Each individual or learner from your organization who attends Certprime’s public courses or trained by Certprime’s world class trainers in-house will be equipped to meet organizations expectation in delivering the requirements.

Our solutions are not only focused on helping learners passing the certification exam, it involves lot more than that. Our learning methodology and training platform enable learners to use case studies and workshops where every individual will go through an assessment on how they have understood the concepts and can apply the learning in different scenarios. This has helped learners perform better at work and helps them succeed in their respective roles.

Our training consultants work closely with organizations training/ project managers to perform a complete need analysis for your training requirements. Thus, not over charging the organization and help save a lot on their training budget.

Each and every corporate class is considered as an important assignment for Certprime and we believe in providing the best quality services. Representatives from the organizations are allowed to have a one to one session with our world class trainers and evaluate what level of value our trainers can bring to your organization. First in its kind, no other training provider understands corporate requirements and gets into details before you sign up to train your employees.

Let us know your requirements and we will come up with the best solution and a quote unmatchable.

Tailoring the course content to best suit your requirement and projects with relevant case studies, real rife examples will help embed the concept better, thus the training objects are achieved in excellence.

On receiving the requirements for training, the SME’s work on the restructuring the content and with the help of our experienced trainers we conduct a need analysis on how well the training can be effective to bring maximum outcome to our clients. It’s not just another training, but a tool where we work to provide insights

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