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certification specifics

Certified Specialist in Human Resource Management  (CSHRM) is the next level after associate. This certification is suitable for individuals who are already in HR field and need some updates and career growth. On successfully passing this certification you will be eligible to manage things in a better and advanced way.

  • Multiple Choices
  • 80 questions per paper
  • Time duration: 120 minutes
  • Closed book

This certification is suitable for professionals working in the areas of:          

  • HR manager
  • HR executive
  • Employment, Recruitment and Placement manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labour Relation specialist
  • Executive Recruiter

There are no pre-requisites to apply for CSHRM exam but completing Certified Associate in Human Resource Management is recommended.

1. Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • Organizational Structure
  • Roles
  • Functions
  • Process
  • Policies
  • Governance
  • Compliance


2. Strategic HR Processes

  • PDCA
  • Business Management & Strategy
  • Strategic HR Planning
  • Workforce planning & Employment
  • Controlling & Reporting
  • Policies


3. Core HR Processes

  • Talent acquisition
  • Training & Development
  • Competence Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Performance

4. HR Support Processes

  • HR administration
  • Employee Relations and engagement
  • HR Operations
  • Training & Event Management
  • Data and Information Security Management
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management


5. Performance and Continual Improvement

  • Reviews and meetings
  • KPI and metrics
  • 5 step improvement process


6. Case Study 1

7. Case Study 2


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You can enroll for an online, classroom or virtual course directly from our website by filling up the booking form. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team who can book you for a course.

We have 3 modes of payment-

a) Using PayPal account

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c) Wire transfer

The hard copy materials for the virtual training will be shipped to you 7 days before the class commencement date or candidate can also opt for E-book.

The payment must be done before the training starts. For classroom and virtual at least 15 days before the class commencement date. For online mode of training the materials will be    accessible only after the receipt of course fees.

After completing the course you will receive the course completion certificate from Certprime. After successfully passing the CSHRM certification exam you will receive the certificate from the exam body (AQONTA).

If you fail in the first attempt you can ask for a free retake or ask for a refund. Kindly refer to our money back guarantee policy*.

Yes. Certprime is an accredited training organization (ATO) which is accredited to Aqonta.

It will take 5 to 7 days to get certified in CSHRM certification.

To do this simply access the page at the address below. By typing the certification number or your first and last name into the appropriate fields and clicking search the result will be presented. You do not need an account or to login to do this.


If you fail in the first attempt you will be given a free retake. If you fail on the second attempt you can ask for a refund. Refer to our money back guarantee policy.*

You can ask for a refund within 24 hours of enrolment. Kindly refer our refund policy*.

The candidate has to renew his/her certificate in every 3 years. You can take a membership which will enable you to unlock the competency program, renew your certificates, earn badges which you can add in your CV, LinkedIn, etc to enhance your skills. For more information: https://www.aqonta.com/Home/CertificationRenewalPo

Certified Specialist in Human Resource Management course help HR professionals to leads and develops the strategy and functions, analyze perform and align the strategy to meets the organizational goals.

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