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Certified Practitioner in Financial Management L1 Certification Training

Certified Practitioner in Financial Management L1 Certification Training accredited by AQONTA aims in providing the Fundamentals of Strategic Financial Management and Operations to analyze the risk and benefits and Financial Decision Making in an organisation.


Financial Management

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Key Features

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  • 180 days course access

Certification specifics

Certified Practitioner in Financial Management Level 1 is the course that covers the fundamentals of strategic financial management giving the candidates a solid foundation for strategic financial decision making. It will also allow candidates to critically analyze and evaluate from a financial perspective.

This course will help you make decisions on an organization’s Financial Operations and analyze the risk and benefits of alternate investments by using problem solving techniques.

The exam format of Certified Practitioner in Financial Management L1 is as follows:

  • Multiple Choices
  • 150 questions per paper
  • Time Duration: 180 minutes
  • Closed Book

The Certified Practitioner in Financial Management L1 is aimed for:

  • Finance Managers
  • Finance Controllers
  • Strategy Directors
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Bankers
  • Investment Managers
  • Financial Risk Analysts

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

The Certified Practitioner in Financial Management  L1 Certification course covers as follows:

Section 1 : Accounting For Management Part I

      Unit 1 : Introduction to Management Accounting:

  •  Meaning of Management accounting, The Role of Management Accounting, Management Accounting Framework, Functions of Management Accounting, Tools of Management Accounting, Merits of Management Accounting, Distinction between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting.

       Unit 2 : Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure

  • Asset valuation
  • Valuation of liabilities
  • Equity transactions
  • Revenue recognition
  • Income measurement
  • Major differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS

       Unit 3 : Strategic planning 

  •  Analysis of external and internal factors affecting strategy
  • Long-term mission and goals
  • Alignment of tactics with long-term strategic goals
  • Strategic planning models and analytical techniques
  • Characteristics of successful strategic planning process 

      Unit 4 : Budgeting concepts

  • Operations and performance goals 
  • Characteristics of a successful budget process
  • Resource allocation
  • Other budgeting concepts

Section 2 : Cost Accounting 

      Unit 1 : Measurement Concepts

  • Cost behaviour and cost objects
  • Actual and normal costs
  • Standard costs
  • Absorption (full) costing
  • Variable (direct) costing
  • Joint and by-product costing

     Unit 2 : Costing Systems

  •  Job order costing
  •  Process costing

     Unit 3 : Overhead Costs

  • A Fixed and variable
  • Overhead expenses

     Unit 4 : Supply Chain Management and Process Improvement 

  •  Value-added concepts
  •  Process analysis
  • Activity-based management
  • Continuous improvement concepts
  • Best practice analysis
  • Cost of quality analysis

Section 3 : Corporate Finance Part – I

    Unit 1 : Risk and return

  • Calculating return
  • Types of risk 
  • Relationship between risk and return 

     Unit 2 : Long-term Financial Management 

  • Term structure of interest rates
  • Types of financial instruments
  • Cost of capital
  • Valuation of financial instruments

   Unit 3 : Raising Capital

  • Financial markets and regulation
  • Market efficiency
  • Financial institutions
  • Initial and secondary public offerings
  • Dividend policy and share repurchases

   Unit 4 : Working Capital Management

  •  Working capital terminology
  • Cash management
  • Marketable securities management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Inventory management
  • Types of short-term credit
  • Short-term credit management
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enroll for an online, classroom or virtual course directly from our website by filling up the booking form. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team who can book you for a course.

We have 3 modes of payment-

a) Using PayPal account

b) Using credit or debit card

c) Wire transfer

The hard copy materials for the virtual training will be shipped to you 7 days before the class commencement date or candidate can also opt for E-book.

The payment must be done before the training starts. For classroom and virtual at least 15 days before the class commencement date. For online mode of training the materials will be accessible only after the receipt of course fees.

After completing the course you will receive the course completion certificate from Certprime. After successfully passing the CPFM L1certification exam you will receive the certificate from the exam body (AQONTA).

If you fail in the first attempt you can ask for a free retake or ask for a refund. Kindly refer to our money back guarantee policy*.

Yes. Certprime is an accredited training organization (ATO) which is accredited to AQONTA.

It will take 5 to 7 days to get certified in CPFM L1 certification.

You can verify your certificate in the successful registered candidates list available on AQONTA website.By typing the certification number or your first and last name into the appropriate fields and clicking search the result will be presented. You do not need an account or to login to do this.

If you fail in the first attempt you will be given a free retake. If you fail on the second attempt you can ask for a refund. Refer to our money back guarantee policy.*

You can ask for a refund within 24 hours of enrollment. Kindly refer our refund policy*.

The candidate needs to renew their certification every 3 years by submitting 60 CRPs.

Certified Associate in Financial management gives the basic understanding of the finance even if you are not from a finance background as well. It helps the professional to develop a career in finance with a better knowledge.

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