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certification specifics

Transparent licensing is important for every organization. It is about aligning IT Service Management best practices together with Software Asset Management best practices, implementing Software Asset Management lifecycle processes and showing how IT Service Management can support SAM lifecycle to create transparent licensing. The purpose of the certification is to demonstrate knowledge on best practice and use of Software Asset Management in the challenges and variables that Software Asset Managers face on an everyday basis. The scope includes but is not limited to software license management.


EXIN Software Asset Management Specialist certifies a candidate’s understanding of how ISO 19770-1 and IT Service Management best practice relates to the everyday use of software asset management, software tags, software piracy, control of the licenses and the legislation and organizational issues that saturate many businesses. ISO 19770 distinguishes 4 levels of control:

Tier 1 – trustworthy data

Tier 2 – practical management

Tier 3 – operational integration

Tier 4 – full ISO/IEC SAM conformance

Examination type:    Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions

  • Multiple choice
  • 40 questions per paper
  • 65 percentile required to be passed
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Closed book
  • The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

Software Asset Management Specialist is intended for Software Asset Management professionals with an understanding of IT Asset Management. Recommended are at least three months of experience in all phases of Software Asset Management, an understanding of IT Service Management best practice, and a general understanding of IT and processes.

Specific roles/responsibilities primarily attending:

  • Procurement Manager
  • SAM program Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Software Asset Manager
  • IT Asset Manager
  • License Manager
  • An accredited training Software Asset Management Specialist.
  • Pass the related EXIN exam.

EXIN ITAMOrg Software Asset Management Specialist course covers as follows:

Module 1. Introduction to Software Asset Management (SAM)

Module 2. SAM business case

Module 3. Introduction to SAM as practice tier processes

Module 4. SAM as practice – tier 1 processes

Module 5. SAM as practice – tier 2 processes

Module 6. SAM as practice – tier 3 processes

Module 7. SAM as practice – tier 4 processes



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The payment must be done before the training starts. For classroom and virtual at least 15 days before the class commencement date. For online mode of training the materials will be accessible only after the receipt of course fees.

After successfully passing the EXIN ITAMOrg Software Asset Management Specialist exam, you will receive the certificate from the Certification body EXIN.

If you fail in the first attempt you can ask for a free retake or ask for a refund. Kindly refer to our money back guarantee policy* to check the courses available under this option.

If you fail in the first attempt you will be given a free retake. If you fail in the second attempt you can ask for refund. Refer to our money back guarantee policy* to check for the courses available under this option

You can ask for a refund within 24 hours of enrollment. Kindly refer to our refund policy*.

After successfully passing your certification exam, you can validate your certificate immediately in the EXIN portal. Your name will be displayed in the successful candidate register (EXIN website).

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