Cloud Architect Master Program

This Masters Program on Cloud Architect is the perfect balance of best practices within cloud services aligned with DevOps principles like CI/CD. The course is designed as vendor neutral and can be applied to any industry and scale. This program will also help you master all major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform amongst others.

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6 Courses

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80+ hours

Online videos

120 hours

Instructor led classes

2 projects

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Program Skills

Skills you will gain

Microservices SAAS PAAS IAAS Cloud Virtualization

Cloud Deployment Models Lambda EC2 RDS S3 VPC CI/ CD

Google Compute Engine Google App Engine (GAE) Google Cloud Platform Cloud Computing Virtual Machine

Network Architecture Debugging Cloud Storage Data Store Load Balancing

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Autoscaling and more

Who should take this program?

Technology Architects, Application Architects, System Architects, Enterprise Architects, Cloud Strategy Consultants, Senior Developers and anyone who is willing to start a career in cloud technology and architecture.

Program eligibility

There are no prerequisites for this program. A Bachelor Degree or an equivalent is recommended.

Career outcomes

Cloud Architects are among the highest paid IT professionals today. Organizations that adopted Cloud practices are exhibiting high performance with rapid growth.


Started a new career after completing this program.


Got a pay increase or promotion.

About Cloud Architect Master Program

This Masters Program on Cloud Architect is the perfect balance of best practices within cloud services aligned with DevOps principles like CI/CD. The course is designed as vendor neutral and can be applied to any industry and scale. This program will also help you master all major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform amongst others.

IT professionals not already working with cloud technologies will gain a solid foundation while those with some cloud experience will gain a more structured and hands-on understanding of cloud technologies, including issues such as migration, deployment, integration, platform choice, architecture, and TCO. You will also get additional resources containing material which can help you crack the AWS and Azure certifications.


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

Cloud Platforms and Tools

How the Program Works

Take Courses

Certprime master program is a series of courses that helps you master a skill. To begin, enroll in the program directly, or review its courses and choose the one you'd like to start with. When you subscribe to a program, you’re automatically enrolled to all courses under the program. It’s okay to complete just one course — you can pause your learning or resume your learning at any time. Visit your learner dashboard to track your course enrollments and your progress.

Hands-on Project

Every program includes a hands-on project. You'll need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the program and earn your certificate. If the program includes a separate course for the hands-on project, you'll need to finish each of the other courses before you can start it.

Earn a Certificate

When you finish every course and complete the hands-on project, you'll earn a Certprime Master Program Certificate that you can share with prospective employers and your professional network.

There are 7 Courses in this Program



Certified Expert in DevOps

Certified Expert in DevOps certification training helps you gain expertise in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, & IT service agility, using various DevOps tools. This expert level course aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.



Certified Master in DevOps Solution Architect

Certified Master in DevOps Engineering is designed considering the best practices used within DevOps projects. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding and will help you to manage complex DevOps projects by mastering all DevOps principles, tools and related concepts. A continuation of Certified Expert in DevOps, in this course you’ll learn Kubernetes administrator, CI/ CD pipeline with Jenkins, Docker etc.,



AWS Cloud Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to Amazon Web Services (AWS) core services and infrastructure. Through demonstrations you'll learn how to use and configure AWS services to deploy and host a cloud-native application. Early in the course, your AWS instructors will discuss how the AWS cloud infrastructure is built, walk you through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Lightsail compute services. They'll also introduce you to networking on AWS, including how to set up Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (VPC) and different cloud storage options, including Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Elastic File Service (EFS). Later in the course you'll learn about AWS Database services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon DynomoDB. Your instructors will also walk you through how to monitor and scale your application on AWS using Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EC2 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Auto Scaling. Lastly, you'll learn about security on AWS, as well as how to manage costs when using the AWS cloud platform.



Azure Fundamentals

This course introduces you to the new world of cloud computing and how to build on the Windows Azure Platform. We'll cover Windows Azure compute and storage and SQL Azure. Along the way we'll discuss cloud computing tradeoffs and help you understand the constraints and limitations imposed by the cloud computing model offered by the Windows Azure Platform today.



Google Cloud Fundamentals

This course, Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals, provides you with an extensive overview of Google Cloud Platform. While the Google Cloud Platform is a more recent offering than some of its competitors, it draws on years of experience running Google's massive internal infrastructure and exposes a streamlined set of solution-focused capabilities to help you build great systems. First you will explore the core building blocks of the platform. Next you'll explore the characteristics that differentiate Google's offering from other cloud platforms. Finally you'll learn the common application architectural patterns. By the end of this course, you will be able to understand how the areas fit together and provide starting points for deeper exploration.



Agile Master Certification

Rapid changes in technology, market demands, and expectations have paved the way for the conceptualization and implementation of Agile methods and values in many organizations. Agile relies on adaptive planning and iterative development and delivery. It focuses primarily on the value of people in getting the job done effectively. Certified Professionals should appreciate the concepts of Agile development and have the ability to compare and choose the Agile methodology appropriate in a given situation.



Capstone Project

In this capstone, learners will build an end to end cloud-based recruitment management system on cloud using Amazon Web Services. The architecture must be designed in such a way that the back-end components are hosted as microservices using Docker and Amazon ECS. All aspects of the application must adhere to the five pillar recommendations of AWS. Learners can also choose to use other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platforms etc., for the capstone project.

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You can choose one or more than one specialisation based on your interest.

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Industry recognized certificate
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No cost EMI option
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This program is self-contained. No additional resources are needed.